Kate Adams Sings Things
Kate Adams has a voice made of honey and razor blades, forged in the tall pines of Washington state, the rolling hills of central Missouri, and sharpened by Chicago winters. She writes songs in the key of easy piano and plays them on an acoustic guitar, but she sings them like they are laced with barbed wire. Most of them would make more sense if you got lost in the woods one night and heard them whispered through the trees, but she’ll sing them for you anyway.

Since arriving in Chicago in 2010, Kate Adams has been performing at underground supper clubs, galleries and basement shows. Recently, she was a featured artist at Brave New Art World and has also been featured on the Chicago Mixtape and NPR/WBEZ's Morning Shift.

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Kate Adams Sings Things
This was such a fantastic night of music and the Hideout was packed!
Once I was a terrifying gingerbaby.  Gingerbabies will mess you up.  St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, be careful out there, folks.
Hello Beautiful.  Got to hang out with this babe while I was waiting to go on air at WBEZ/NPR.
I got lost on my way out of WBEZ and almost had to live at Navy Pier. (Nightmare)  Luckily a very nice construction worker found me and together we fought our way to freedom.  (He walked me to the pretzel stand and pointed toward the door).
Dudes!  I’m singing on NPR!  It’s like winning the nerd musician lottery!
Happy Birthday, Chicago.  I love you, even in the depths of this endless winter.
Reliving the Austin trip with Chicago troubadour Tom Schraeder and everyone’s favorite Texan, Adam Mixson!  Music starts at 9pm!